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Micro Magic

Micro Magic
Health - Natural, Good for your Body, Pure, Sex
1 unit - 10 pills
Preço € 29,95
Shayana proudly presents the new age of cognitive enhancers from NootroSmart.
Open the door to your imagination. Release your creativity and elevate your mood.


Positive mental attitude, improved cognitive function and overall well being are some of the beneficial effects one can expect from a 4-ACO-DMT microdose experience.


4-ACO-DMT: 2mg


Contains 10 pills. Recommended dosage is one pill every morning of the third day, meaning a tube of 10 pills will last you a full month!


4-ACO-DMT has exactly the same effect as magic mushrooms, which contain psilocybin, as both substances are turned into psilocin in your brain. Because 4-ACO-DMT is created in a lab, it is consistent in strength, making it a superior choice over its natural, more unpredictable counterpart. Especially in a situation like this, where consistency and accurately dosing to the milligram is important.

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