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BongBastic apresenta Acid, um novo selo inspirador que fará uma limpeza tão grande ao teu bongo que até o próprio Hoffman ficaria orgulhoso. Deixa o teu bongo livre para veres que a realidade à tua frente é apenas uma num mar imenso de perspectivas diferentes. Experimenta um dos efeitos mais profundos que podes ter ao limpar o teu bongo. Deixa o teu riso tornar-se na luz que liberta o teu bongo num mar de ondas intergaláctico de felicidade e alegria.


Limpeza fantástica e profunda. O teu bongo ficará muito feliz e risonho.


Meio a três quartos de selo
1 selo
1 selo e meio


7 horas


1P-LSD (100 µg)
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Sweden , Switzerland

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The shipment was "too" fast that I could not believe.
A sealed package was received where two little pieces were obtained. Each 100.

At 16:47
SWIM took it under the tongue for 15 min and then swallowed it (only one piece)

It is 02:10 am
now SWIM describes.
After 15 minutes, there was something going on in the stomach. A little bit of pain. SWIM thought he would throw up but did not... after 30-40 minutes, the effects started kicking in.
The body temperature was hard to control. the first one hour was pretty cold, although the room was extremely hot. After around 1.5 hours, SWIM started tripping balls. For 4 hours straight. very pleasant experience.
around 23pm, the effects started wearing off.

It is 02:13
SWIM is listening to ovnimoon - galactic mantra

Thank you shayana shop,

This one was really good!


I took 2 stamps for the session, and I can confirm it invoked the state I knew from previous LSD experiences. 2 stamps invoke a very intensive experience. The effect lasted for 12 hours. It started with a very gentle, merely affective kick in (felt very peaceful and relaxed, so first I suspected I was experiencing effects of a mild tranquillizer, but this was just the result of the way I was set). It turned visual some time later and finally tuned me completely into that other reality. Being well prepared, it was a very nice experience, the love of the universe. Mathematical beauty. 3D fractals as seen in rendered 3D animations are nothing compared to this. A high level personal preparedness and a safe, controlled setting are required for work with 2 stamps.


Took me to the place I love so much :) Albert Hoffman would be proud! Thanks for the quick delivery Shayana!!


Great way to open doors to ones bong cleaning practices. Be careful and hold on tight because the ride gets bumpy for those who cannot control their thoughts about cleaning. Lava lamps and strobe lights highly recommended for the ultimate clean.


Amazing experience! My bong felt wonderful for hours afterwards! Visually stunning. Took about 40 minutes for the "cleaning" to start. If you're a beginner maybe use half a stamp and be patient. :)