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Dutch Orange Intense Solid

A série de produtos Dutch Orange continua com este novo solid incense ainda mais forte. Com uma concentração mais intensa dos seus ingredientes activos, esta nova mistura haxixe vai certamente satisfazer o queimar regular. Esta mistura mais rica, e suave vai garantir satisfação bons resultados. Um otimo complemento para uma marca de misturas para queimar de qualidade. Se gostas de um efeito mais forte e mais durador, então tenta o Dutch Orange Intense Solid Incense.

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Yes Shayana, just yes.
Intense dosen't properly describe this product. To anyone who dosen't know about research chemicals and those who are not farmiliar with products of this nature, order something milder first.

You need to use the tiniest tiniest amount, potency is off the charts, beyond my ability to describe precisely without scales that can weigh in milligrams.

Amazing product. Approach with caution.


Please let me add my review of this stuff

I really want let you to guys know something great about this stuff

I had write a first review while I smirking first time

And after i wrote a review,I smoked a few times
And I was lay down on my bed with my lover...
I was really feel good ! And after a while...
I felt erotic mood on my whole of skin
And then ,making love was really great ! Amazing !
Feeling soooo nice !

This stuff is so much good for lovers !
I felt it !


This is good effect !
Only a few time smoking it's might enough

It's may gonna pick up your feel happy , mellow and comfortable where you are

But I think nausea will be only a little when you smoke this tobacco


Subjects report favorably to this product and prefer it to loose blends under the same branding. The sensation can be described in two parts; gradual body "warmth" and relaxation followed by a "headband" type sensation in the head with a softening of the visual spectrum. Little substance is needed for an effect.


Smoke one joint with nice smooth high result, but I hate smoking, last time I took it as tea about 0,5 gram with real bad result, the full effect dame efter 2 hours, unpleasant high with real crazy heartbeat, thinking I would die, really much like lsd trip but no visuals to cheer you up with, be careful when taking orally, don't take too much at a time