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Wild Lettuce

The effect of wild lettuce is comparable with that of opiumonly milder. It suppresses the functioning of the central nervesystem. Relaxing, euforic, painkilling, dreamy, numbing and finally sleepy are its known effects. The brain switches to alphawaves, also known as the dream frequency. A perfect herb to space out with.


Smoke it! 1 gram a day!


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Not so good when smoked. I smoked few joints and in the bong and just a little relaxed feeling. But then I made tea from wild lettuce, alice's wonder mix and wild dagga flowers and that realy worked.


I havn't bought this from here, I bought it someplace else, but I highly recommend it. Personally, I think it is MUCH better smoked from a bong rather than a pipe, I used to smoke it from a pipe and felt nothing. Bought a bong recently and now I get the full effects. Really helps me to get a good nights sleep, I used to suffer from insomnia but now I smoke Wild Lettuce and it is amazing.