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Majestic Madness - Psilocybe Tampanensis

Esteja preparado para experimentar a trufa mágica mais poderosa conhecida pela humanidade! Monte o espectro psicodélico através de todos os seus níveis maravilhosos e sinta o arco-íris. Estes escleródios tiram o melhor do mundo do Psilocybe e compreendem uma mistura dos Tampanensis de grande e médio porte. Estes devem ser tomados com a mente clara, e prepare-se para viajar para um novo lugar e ter um dos melhores momentos de sua vida. Não são realmente destinadas ao usuário de primeira viagem, estas trufas vão abrir sua mente para muitas novas experiências maravilhosas.

Armazenamento: Comercializado em uma embalagem a vácuo.
Trufas frescas podem ser refrigeradas por até 2 semanas.


7-10 gr
10-15 gr
15-20 gr


Estas trufas vao dar efeitos após cerca de 30 minutos. Os efeitos mágicos vao durar 4-6 horas.


Para melhor efeito, recomenda-se que você não coma nada de 2-3 horas antes do uso.


Não utilizes se: estiveres grávida, a amamentar, sob medicação, a/para conduzir veículos motorizados, depremido/a; se fores menor; em combinação com outros estimulantes ou alcool. Não excedas a dose recomendada.
Não enviamos este produto para os seguintes países:
Germany , Italy , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Comentários Majestic Madness - Psilocybe Tampanensis Comentário a este produto



Who needs the gym! Haven't laughed that much in years, went out with a beer belly came home with an 8 pack! shared 20grams with my mate washed them down with a load of beer within 10 mins I could feel them. Drank and laughed all night
Highly recommend ;)


These trippy truffles gave me sensory overload in the best of ways!! Can't wait to order some more for me and some friends. Thanks Shayana!


Ich bin glücklich! Wegen meiner Depression wollte ich das Wagnis eingehen, und micro dosing nach Dr. James Fadiman durchzuführen.
Man nimmt da jeden 3. Tag in etwa eine Messerspitze getrocknete, gemahlene Pilze. Heute nehme ich die 4. Dosis.
Allerdings haben sich bereits nach den ersten zweimal Dinge für mich so zum Positiven verändert, dass ich weinen möchte - und zwar aus Freude.
Die Welt bekommt für mich wieder Farbe, Angst und Panik flackern vll. mal kurz auf, gehen jedoch sofort wieder, ich fühle mich wohl in meiner Haut und ich gehe sogar wieder gern raus.
Nach 3 Einnahmen!
Wie wird die Welt erst, wenn ich das jetzt weiter mache?


I was sorely disappointed. Having prepared them in tea with some lemon juice, i experienced a little feeling, and that was it. I consumed the whole dose, including the truffle matter left after straining from the water I have ample experience with the kingdom. You would need 30-40 grms for a light trip for beginners. They took 8 days to arrive, that is acceptable but a little too long considering I payed by immediate clearance.


I ate the whole bag (20 g plus ~5 g of High Hawaiians) and went hiking along a river. It didn't even take 15 minutes before I felt the first effects. I've never experienced visuals this intense. It wasn't just the usual 2 dimensinal patterns - the entire world seemed to have an underlying structure that was breathing and pumping and "communicating" with me. Everything seemed to be buzzing with some sort of inner glow - including myself. (I don't know how else to put it.) It lasted about 4 hours and the come-down was really smooth. This was a truly amazing experience.


That was so far the best trip I have had with truffels. No nausea, light visual patterns everywhere and very nice body feeling. The mind trip was AWESOME. I am a big guy and that 20grams got me into the medium for about 2-3 hours.


Had 14g of these in one dose. Already after 10 minutes proportions started to change and things started to look really crooked. After 20 minutes I started feeling like little forces were pushing and pulling at me, and like I would be sinking or falling for one second and then be fine again! After a while that subsided an I began to get some really nice visuals. It was like the room was a painting with bold colours and brush strokes. Shadows and patterns began to fluctuate and swell quite a lot. I watched a trippy psytrance visualisation and was giggling with glee, while it seemed that smoky shard of light were protruding from the screen towards me, intermingling with smoky blue/grey faces. Awesome! Lasted about 5-6 hours. Recommended!


These are by far the most amazing psilocybin!!
I've been using these very carefully when i first began taking them, all though i'm very experienced in shrooms. I started taking 10g at a time and sometimes had experiences close to DMT. Now i take 20g and.....Well.......these are the best thing on earth, i see the spirit world reaching out to me! I mean i have contact with them touching me, dancing around me, communicating with me!!!! My god they are better then DMT if you know how to open your 3rd eye.


This was absolutely awesome! traveled to so many worlds, thought i see energies in everything, felt super relaxed and happy. Great visuals and tingly feeling throughout the body. also perception of taste and sound was good. overall lasted about 7 h, that seemed like many light years away, but only took 10 grams.


Took them in a forest by -5°c. It was awesome. Everything my best friend and I was multiplied, we couldn't walk straight or feel our bodies. There was a car blinding us with its headlights and we went to hide in the forest like scared animals. Every light was unbearable. We met some people and tried our best to look normal, and we drove on the freeway. We put our lives and others' at risk, but it was a tremendous first time; next time we'll do it at home.