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Golden Teacher Kit De Cultivo - Small

Considerado um dos growkits mais fáceis de cultivar, este kit vem com tudo o que precisas para crescer os teus próprios cogumelos sem conhecimento técnico ou equipamento especial. O kit vem colonizado com o micelium do famoso cogumelo Golden Teacher.


Colheita em média 100 gramas em 2-3 semanas
Possibilidade de múltiplas frutificações


Nota: para obter os melhores resultados quando utilizar um tapete de aquecimento, evite o contacto directo entre a superfície de aquecimento e o kit de cultivo. Se não conseguir criar espaço, utilize um pedaço de cartão ou uma toalha dobrada.
CONSERVAÇÃO:Todos os kits foram inoculados com o micelium de Psilocybe Cubensis e o substrato começou a ser colonizado. A situação ideal é que o kit seja iniciado imediatamente após ser recebido. No entanto, se precisares mesmo de esperar alguns dias, podes manter o kit no frigorífico durante um máximo de 1 mês. Após esse período de tempo, o crescimento pode ser comprometido.
Não enviamos este produto para os seguintes países:
Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Excellent kit! Now it's flushing the 3rd time! Amazing!
Started out with a low dose (1g dried) and went up the dosage up to 3g dried.
For best experiences when doing higher doses - to keep away any negative ones - it's best to start with 1g dried - see how you do and afterwards (in about 1 hour) you can take the rest of 2-3 grams to amplify the journey.
All but good experiences I had with this particular species. No wonder it's called the Golden Teacher. Learn your lessons ! :)
Peace !


W O W it was amazing !!! i am still seeing beoutifull colors, there is so many beoutiful things in the world!! amazing, this was my first time, I took obout 10 grams fresh shrooms on full stomach so it started after 1 hour after, I will try some more in future. I cant believe something so beoutifull and with power to change things towards good can be illegal !!! W O W is the word


Delivery was pretty fast but growing took a lot longer than expected, probably because of the cooler temperature in my room. Gonna order a heating mat next time. Anyway the shrooms were GREAT! Got 68 grams in the first flush and we did it with my girlfriend. We ate most of it and then made a tea out of what was left and it was really awesome. Definitely recommend these, teaches you a ton! :)


shayana is awesome :) quick discreet delivery: My first experience growing shrooms, very rewarding - 2nd flush coming in nice now.
awesome loved up concious expanding trip, clear headed next day <3


Bought two of these growkits. Fast shipping both times. They grow quickly and abundantly. No complaints, exactly what i paid for. Thank you!


i love shayanaaa!!!! the two times i ordered the two times they come on time


First time grower. Fast shipping, took about a week. Good kit, took 11 days from when I started to grow until harvest time. Follow the instructions at, I didn't fan it too much--just misted once a day every day. My first flush was ~70 grams wet weight. My roommate and I ate ~20grams each, and we got to level 2, may have been level 3 if we didn't spread it over 3 hours; my brother only ate ~7.5grams and he got to level 3. Looking forward to the next flush!

My only warning to other new growers is be careful with contamination. Don't touch the substrate with anything dirty and minimize contact, especially after you put it in the terrarium to fruit. But it's not as big of a deal, because the substrate is already colonized by the mycelium. BTW don't wash them before eating them, they will lose potency, just try to scrape off as much of the substrate at the bottom as you can or peel off the outer skin.


I have bought this growkit twice, the first time I followed the instuctions from grow box, but I did,nt fan the kit to get rid of the co2 or use a spray bottle to keep them moist. surprisingly the shrooms grew, but i had lots(about 40) of little shrooms about the 8cm to 5cm. This was from two flushes in total off one grow kit. I dried them out for a couple of days and then ate them, I dont know the exact weight but it must of been about 3-4g dried. I wasnt really thinking about how potent they could be at the time so just be careful. It was the most intence visual trip I have ever had in my life, I was really not expecting much from them but it was a solid level 3 trip maybe even 4.

My 2nd growkit I bought 2 and grew them according to grow box, but i also would fan the shrooms and spray them with water twice a day. I have just finished my first flush and i have got 76g fresh(have since bought a gram scale). I got 4 shrooms that grew to 15cm and loads of ones from 5cm to 10cm. I should proberly get another 50gs fresh from the second flush if im lucky. which means that i will have about 12g of dry shrooms in 20days which i think is a really good deal for the price.

Over all I think this is a good kit for noob growers like me, there is not much work involed and if you follow the instruction you will see results. The quilty of the shrooms are 5* as well as the kit.

Good luck with your grow I hope your yeilds will be as good as mine have been and thank you Shayana Shop.



These shrooms are very nice, Trip was interesting, you see all diferent, colors and shapes. And your mind is thinking diferent.


Just harvested mine waiting for them to dry, great and easy kit. Just remember to keep things very clean and keep the kit at the right temperature for maximum yield :)