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Ecuadorian Kit De Cultivo- Small

Considerado um dos mais fáceis kits de cultivo disponíveis, este kit equatoriano small irá ajudar-te a cultivar teus próprios cogumelos sem qualquer conhecimento adicional ou equipamento especial. O cogumelo do Equador está entre uma das variedades mais fáceis para cultivar. Embora colonize substratos em velocidade média, forma colheitas abundantes muito uniformes. Esta variedade não aprecia especialmente de um choque frio. O kit de cultivo vem com substrato colonizado com os cogumelos mágicos equatorianos.


Colheita em média 100 gramas em 2-3 semanas
Possibilidade de múltiplas frutificações


Nota: para obter os melhores resultados quando utilizar um tapete de aquecimento, evite o contacto directo entre a superfície de aquecimento e o kit de cultivo. Se não conseguir criar espaço, utilize um pedaço de cartão ou uma toalha dobrada.

CONSERVAÇÃO:Todos os kits foram inoculados com o micelium de Psilocybe Cubensis e o substrato começou a ser colonizado. A situação ideal é que o kit seja iniciado imediatamente após ser recebido. No entanto, se precisares mesmo de esperar alguns dias, podes manter o kit no frigorífico durante um máximo de 1 mês. Após esse período de tempo, o crescimento pode ser comprometido.
Não enviamos este produto para os seguintes países:
Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Ecuadorian are my favourite .The only kind of shroom that sometimes gives me some weird vibrations in the whole body :))
nothing to say about packaging and delivery : always good with shayana


Really nice product their shipped after 8 days and after 7-9 days the first shrooms look out of the substrate. I hope their ready in a few days and i can enjoy the nice effects. Then i will subscribe my experience with it.


After my huge success with the small golden teacher kit (please visit to see my review)

I told a friend and he wanted to journey with me on my next flight.

I ordered two of these ecuadorian kits.

Fanning and spraying 1-2 times a day, keeping the bag in my toilet room... Pinning occurred in 1 week, and harvest in 1 more week. I got 138 grams off. Busy with work... And my friend kept cancelling our appointments... I let them dry for about five days.

I used my ps3 to try to stream movies... I cued up almost 100 movies!!! My stomach was growling and i was hungry! Shroom time!

My shrooms went from 138 grams wet to about 13 grams dry. I folded up 2 grams, chewed the nastiness... Drank some juice... Took a shower, put on clothes... Laid in bed to start the movie night...


Amazon for ps3 is only available in the states!!!

I tried to do something else... But my eyes started twitching and watering!!!

I turned off the ps3 and the tv...

And welcomed one of the most heavy trips in my life!

Patterns engulfed my open eye visuals... The room started to tint different spectrums of light... I blinked my eyes and I didn't want to open them.

I was in my perfect gray zone. Outlines of chairs and cushioned booths appeared. Bright green circles with one green dot in each center randomly appeared... I thought they were just circles with dots until they moved and I caught kind of a human being outline on each of them. The circle and dot being in the middle of these almost invisible beings faces.

I kept waking from dream state to my bed over and over. I was brought back to this meeting table again and again as if I was continuing. Explaining life to me through thoughts... Everything has a process of growth, things become their final frowning point and then they pass on to the next generation.

I was shown how mushrooms growth are like that of humans... And the secret of life was taught to me...

Any other living being that you come into contact with... There should be a way that you grow somehow with that person and share a laugh or just a smile together.

A little Positive energy will kill a lot of negative energy.

Thank you shayanashop for sharing... Excellent quality...
Until my next flush... Stay tuned for my next reviews.

Stay elevated. ;)


This product is Growing like a mushroom...LOL :D
The Delivery was excelent, and the instruction fine.
I think now I can try ASAP.
Thank you Shayana......


Based on my success with the Golden Teachers, I ordered this kit... omg.

I have a US PSN account in Japan. Amazon Prime just released for Playstation... So I linked my account and proceeded to queue 200 movies! Well... (Due to work schedules I couldn't do these fresh, so I had dried them) (dried on a shelf under a foggy window) I munched 4 grams dried. I took a shower (to give my body time to absorb the medicine... and to have NO distractions to my trip... being recently clean while tripping is HEAVENLY)...

I finished the shower and dried off... powdered up... tried to start one of my 200 movies and guess what? "ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE USA and NOT YOUR COUNTRY BLAHBLAHBLAH" I tried finding another alternative... but ... alas... the Ecuadorians were kicking in.

My eyes became watery, I kept dozing off second by second... each time i opened my eyes something different happened... as if everything was under a green light bulb... then as if my sight of the world was behind fishnet stockings... like a chainlink fence effect.

I was suddenly in a perfect white room/area no floors, no walls, no ceiling.... I felt like I could sit down... and when I did... I didn't fall. I looked around and it was all white... I noticed if I shook my eyes from left to right really quick, I could find the edges to "invisible" objects around me.

As I found things and knew they were there... they stayed visible. I was in a white cushion restaurant booth... in this all white reality.... Suddenly I saw X Box "X" and Circle logos appearing... floating in a line about head-level with me around the table. I did my eye trick suddenly... these were all white beings... no features just kind of silhouettes of humans, perfectly blended in with everything ... as their features became visible... I was plunged into darkness where I saw a seed become a sapling to a tree... an egg become a chick to a rooster.... a sperm enter an egg, becoming a fetus/ baby/ toddler/ child/ teen/ adult/ old person/ skeleton,,, and in the corner of every sight... I saw mushrooms cycles, spores falling, landing, fertilizing, myco, pinning, fruiting, reproducing, dying.... Then the secret of life was revealed to me...

"No matter who or what you are... If you are living, your purpose is to interact with other living things for a brief/long interaction together to share growth... and then to share a laugh with each other...

Time is not forever"