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Colombian Kit De Cultivo- Medium

The Colombian All in one Growkit é uma das mais recentes adições à nossa cada vez mais popular categoria de cultivo de cogumelos. O Psilocybe Columbiescens é um membro da família Cubensis. Este cogumelo é um pouco mais pálido, um pouco maior, mas também mais forte do que o seu irmão mexicano.


Colheita em média 400 gramas em 2-3 semanas
Possibilidade de múltiplas frutificações


Nota: para obter os melhores resultados quando utilizar um tapete de aquecimento, evite o contacto directo entre a superfície de aquecimento e o kit de cultivo. Se não conseguir criar espaço, utilize um pedaço de cartão ou uma toalha dobrada.

CONSERVAÇÃO:Todos os kits foram inoculados com o micelium de Psilocybe Cubensis e o substrato começou a ser colonizado. A situação ideal é que o kit seja iniciado imediatamente após ser recebido. No entanto, se precisares mesmo de esperar alguns dias, podes manter o kit no frigorífico durante um máximo de 1 mês. Após esse período de tempo, o crescimento pode ser comprometido.
Não enviamos este produto para os seguintes países:
Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Comentários Colombian Kit De Cultivo- Medium Comentário a este produto



Im on the 3rd flush and still yielding no less than 16 heads. They are mostly 15-17cm long on this flush ... now i got around 25-30gr dried and it seems like i will have up to at least 5 flushes. I want to thank u so much Shayana, great product. I ate like 2.5 gr of my babies they are really nice mushrooms too. 5stars deal. However i will try to grow from syringe next time just to make it more fun.


Fast delivery. After 1 week in propagator i saw first hats. Another 2 week took them to harvest. Together 4 harvests. Every time 4 fine portions. Last ones were without big lick but still. Lots of laugh. Whole trip was like a dream. Park in a night was as MagicLand, amazing. For my self beter than Mckennaii. Still thinking aubout next ones. 7/10 ,i recommend. ,",,


very very good, I have never been as good a serious shot on a growkit before .. it's really good


Shipping was quite good. they first appeared in the 12th day and the first flush was harvested in 7-8 days. Two kits gave me about 350 grams of fresh mushrooms, which is not my expectation for the average yield is 400 grams from both of them. So I'm hopeful about the second flush from which I expect 300 fresh grams more. I recommend everyone to fan the kits 7-8 times a day, mushies love it. My important not is for those who are thinking of dring them; they are %93 water (which is high among mushroom species) so keep in mind that 100 grams of fresh mushroom will decrease to dry 7 grams. I've tried them eating 3 and got the best trip ever. I'll order again the next month.


Very satisfied with the delivery. Very fast, 3 days.


Takes longer than 12 days to grow them. Toked me three weeks...:)


This was my first growset experience and I began during winter which made the process longer than expected because of the temperature.
My advice for those who have a cold growing room (under 21°) : place a bulb light (40-60w) at around 60 cm from the growbox during 12h of daylight (eg : between 9-21h). This will increase the temperature in the box and make the process faster. Otherwise, following the given instructions is enough.
The experience : best mushroom experience i've ever had. i always took them fresh after harvest. Beginners should try 10-15gr fresh and those who had successful exprience can go up 20gr and more. This was a real journey, you lose all your usual landmarks (vision, sounds, and above all : time), it's like you're living many years in just 4 hours.
The receipt i made : boiled in water during 20 minutes, then took it with a tea bag and sugar for a better taste. Chill down and let the adventure begin ;)


Shayanashop works really trustworthy. I'm never upset with the products or the way they are in contact with you in case of problems. I'm ordering products a few times like every month and seriously very satisfied with all I have. You can have all your respect and love for the Shayana stuff!