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Psilocybe Mexicana

Se és um fã de tampanensis normais e gostarias de intensificar um pouco a experiência e ir para o próximo nível, os Psilocybe mexicana sao uma otima opção. Esta espécie e conhecida pelas tribos da América Central ha mais de 2.000 anos e era consumida por seus efeitos enteogênicos. Os astecas referia-se a eles como teonanacatl (carne dos deuses). Os mexicana é um pouco mais visual do que os tampanensis e também um pouco mais enérgicos. A Shayanashop sugere que vás para fora de casa, procures um belo local privado no parque ou na floresta, faz-te confortável e descubre como o mundo se torna maravilhoso com uma pequena ajuda dos Psilocybe mexicana!

Comercializado em uma embalagem a vácuo para melhor conservação.


7-10 gr
10-15 gr
15-20 gr


Estas trufas vao dar efeitos após cerca de 30 minutos. Os efeitos mágicos vao durar 4-6 horas.


É melhor não comer nada duas a três horas antes da experiencia. CONSERVAÇÃO: As trufas frescas devem ser guardadas no frigorífico e consumidas no espaço de 1 mês. Se quiseres mantê-las por mais tempo, tens de as secar. Depois de secares as tuas trufas podes guardá-las até 6 meses, numa caixa/saco fechado num local fresco e seco.


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Brilliant visuals no negative feelings. I stayed inside so feel like I didn't take full advantage of them I'm planning to do so this time. Brilliant first time trip.


I took about 10 grams on a goa-party (psytrance, best kind of party you can be with mushrooms). Good set & setting, because of the very nice people at the party, warm summer night, very beatiful decoration, good friends of me were there too. Had a middle intense, beautiful trip. Danced in a wavy, slow creative ecstasy. I laid in the grass with a friend of mine, we talked about the stars, flying squirrels, quantum physics and philsophed about the meaning of life. After the trip, I was still in good mood and I danced until the morning. I buyed 80 grams, they were packed in 4 air-proof plastic bags á 20 grams, I think in a fridge you can keep them up at least two weeks. But they are a lot more tasty when they are fresh (They taste a bit sour, earthy, forest-like aroma). An other friend of mine tidied up her room on this mushrooms, said it was very nice, too.


Amazing! God bless this product and this site!!!!!!


Don't eat a little and see colours. Eat the whole bag and talk to god.


I've tried all magic truffles and i believe the mexicanas to be the most powerful out of the bunch, you get the complete package, the deepness in mind, energy, and visuals. i find the truffles to be similar to the experince of ayahuasca when you take 25gr finaly slice the truffles, soke them in half cut lemon juice for 10mins, eat the truffles and chew in your mouth to a fine paste, then drink the juice. i normaly do yoga breathing techniques to go deep into the body and soul, the dosage and technique is really strong, non experinced psychedelics need not apply.


Amazing visuals. Took 10 grams about 10.00 at nigh and tripped well over 6 hours until 4.00 in the morning. Little bit of a sickly feeling in the gut but nothing to worry about. The grain on my flooring was full on warping and looked like liquid morphing. Absolutely and truly stunning. Got 20g of the dds ill be having in a few days but im gonna bosh the rest of these mexicana tonight. I can't wait. Brilliant product and brilliant people. Hats off x thanks


15g propelled me into the stratosphere. Complete ego death and a oneness with the universe. Highly recommended, but (in case you're as susceptible as me)prepare yourself first Research 'set and setting' especially to avoid bad trips.


We were 6 people and took 5 grams each on empty stomach. Everybody was taking shrooms for the first time.
To be honest, we weren't expecting much from this low dose.

Unfortunately, the conditions weren't great for tripping. We were indoors in a fairly small room and it was night outside.

In the first 2 hours everybody was very quiet. Nice little distortions and body hallucinations.

I personally had nice visuals, especially when I was standing in dark. All my deepest and most profound thoughts and questions seemed so easy to understand.

It was a time when everybody though they went mad. The feeling was quite uncomfortable, and pretty difficult to avoid or ignore.

I definitely recommend taking them in nature and either be alone or with one or two close friends.

The delivery was good and fast. Im going to buy again.


Before i do the review i must make somethings clear.

1)This site is not a fake site that scams people this is a real site with real products.
2)The order arrived really fast in 4 working days.

Now about the psilocybe tampanensis mexicana.I bought 30 grams for me and my girlfriend.We only tried 5 grams each one night and i must tell you that it worked.At the beginning our minds were working different,strange and fast thoughts were coming all the time.That's why they call them philosopher's stones.After a while we start laughing a lot and almost unstoppable(not in dangerous mode but it was nice and funny).We didnt ate more so we didnt have any visions but i am sure that if you eat 15grams you will have visions.

For us it was a nice trip since our mind was working in different way than normally and the thoughts were coming like huge waves.In my opinion it's not for party it's for philosophical research but ofc that's what i believe and i just ate 5 grams.


Excellent distributor. Ship fast and secure to colombia. About the mushrooms I could say ...... Don't abuse.... A dose of 15 is fine we go far and what travell.... Not soo visual.... Very introspective ideal for OBE or self analysis. Very very hard. Very shamanic. Thanks shayana.