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Atlantis - Psilocybe Tampanensis

Os utilizadores experientes de trufas vão realmente apreciar os tampanensis Atlantis. Este cogumelo produtor de sclerotia só pode ser encontrado no estado da Geórgia, nos EUA. Este parente próximo dos psilocybe mexicana é tão bom quanto os seus pequenos irmãos. Os seus compostos psicoativos principais sao psilocibina e psilocina.

Comercializado em uma embalagem de vácuo para melhor conservação.


Experimenta cores, sombras e detalhes em um nível diferente. Fique à vontade e aproveitar o show.


6 gr
9 gr
10-15 gr


Estas trufas vao dar efeitos após cerca de 30 minutos. Os efeitos mágicos vao durar 4-6 horas.


Para melhor efeito, recomenda-se que você não coma nada de 2-3 horas antes do uso.


Não utilizes se: estiveres grávida, a amamentar, sob medicação, a/para conduzir veículos motorizados, depremido/a; se fores menor; em combinação com outros estimulantes ou alcool. Não excedas a dose recomendada.
Não enviamos este produto para os seguintes países:
Germany , Italy , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Comentários Atlantis - Psilocybe Tampanensis Comentário a este produto



Weren't much stronger than the liberty caps that grow here, tasted just as nasty too lol but gets u trippin so its all good :)


if you live in germany/europe and enjoy a alterded state of mind deffintly order..i ordered thursday recived it today tuesday..awesome! i was freaking out weather id get the package or politizi,as the colors are bright and its hard not to laugh my ass off i assume i got the


Delivery was fast it came about in week from ordering. I ate about 15g hade some minor visual, colors were really warm and bright. Had really euphoric feeling. The taste was awfull, personaly i didint like it. I reccomend eating whole bag at once. Defenetly will be ordering again!


I would say I am fairly experienced when it comes to using hallucinogenics, so I bought these with the intention to take them in a flask of tea to pay my respects at the Summer Solstice party at StoneHenge along with my best buddy and fellow mushy lover. We were not disappointed...

Firstly, I was organised in the preparation much more than I have been in the past and crushed them up (20g between 2 people) in a pestle and mortar before simmering them with a couple of fruit teabags. (There is plenty of useful info on the web these days with tips on the best preparation and delivery methods - In terms of time taken to come up, the crushing of the stones makes such a difference and we came up within 10 mins - something I hadn't expected as we were still in the car-park, resulting in an inexplicably hilarious mission to navigate our way out ad across the fields to the stone circle in the dark. The visuals began soon after as we walked through the mostly dark plain with the grass making some intensely colourful fractal patterns. The sky also looked amazingly unfamiliar and so beautiful, again breaking into rainbow colours. Then followed 3-4 hours (can't be too sure this is correct as time became totally meaningless) but I have to say I haven't laughed so much in a long long time! Although there is no amplified music allowed, there were plenty of drum circles, samba bands etc - all of which just sounded out of this world and when I answered the call to dance, I had this amazing sensation of 'one-ness' and people were actually telling me that I shone positivity.

All in all, a wonderful experience and have re-ordered them. Perhaps it is worth noting here that the amount I brewed for two people was somewhat on the strong side - next time, for a milder trip I would probably try 5 - 7g per person, but I guess it depends what you want out of it. I would definitely say the ideal setting is within nature as well as having some tunes to dance to - moving about felt awesome - and with loved, trusted company and you're all set for your fantastic journey!


Hare Krsna!


I ordered thèse with another, (Majestics and Atlantis) they we/'re more or less inactive. A little feeling of energy after preparing them in tea with scientific riggor and spiritual love. I will be ordering once more today (a different species). I am a zoologist, and will use my microscope to test density of psilo compounds, as my physiology and fitness is very compatible with the kingdom. It wasn't my preparation technique or biology that negatively blocked the effects. However, I do know there are variations based on other factors shayanashop would not be to blame for ( I'm not looking to petty blame); but I would advise quality control to ensure product strain quality. Sorry I have had to write such a review. But everyone gets a second chance.


Well guys if u wanna feel like an old viking dude, u gotta make it 20g. I did 15g and that was kind a normal, mild-strongish colorful trip. Atlantis is awesome, much better than Mexicana or Tampanensis.


extremely nice taste for first 2 seconds and then strange after taste. don t worry, it goes down with everything. we also smoked strong indica (alaskan ice) all the time and it kept on buzzing and boosting trip. i have experience on psychedelics, but i found new kinds hallusinations, never had before, which is always nice. few friends took just a little bit too little of salvia 40x after peak, but it didn t change much the this. but this product of salvia is 100% working stuff. proven. now we slept for four hours and took just a little amount of mexican golden teachers so i ll continue this review there.. oh, and friend just shouted that he melted to the floor during as we were philosophers.
soft, visual, intence beautiful trip. be sure not to be interrupted:)


The product was good and arrived as promised. I didn't take such a strong dose but they worked the way they were supposed to. I am definitely happy with the product


Hi, I bought two packs of these mushrooms for my partner's birthday. I planned it as a surprise for him; we went to the woods last Sat, sat down, ate them and... NOTHING happened. I have had mushrooms before, amazing, colorful, insightful trips... I was surprised by the lack of ANY effect and to be honest very disappointed with this product...


We tried but really it tasted to disgusting for us to consume it fast enough. As a result, we didn't get the experience we'd hoped for.