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Psilocybe Shayanensis

In her constant search to expand the psychedelic horizon of Shayanashop’s customers, who are always looking for new and mind-blowing experiences, Shayana has set about developing her very own variety of magic mushroom, and with great success!

All of her devotion and the careful selection process resulted in the creation of the one and only Psilocybe Shayanensis, an enchanted truffle that is tiny in size, but mighty in effect. This small wonder of nature is made up of sclerotia, the underground energy reserves of the mushroom that look like little rocks and have a somewhat nutty taste. They contain concentrated levels of active substances that are sure to provide you with a magical experience.


Experimenta cores, sombras e detalhes em um nível diferente. Fique à vontade e aproveitar o show.


6-9 gr
9 gr
10-15 gr


Estas trufas vao dar efeitos após cerca de 30 minutos. Os efeitos mágicos vao durar 4-6 horas.


Para melhor efeito, recomenda-se que você não coma nada de 2-3 horas antes do uso.


Não utilizes se: estiveres grávida, a amamentar, sob medicação, a/para conduzir veículos motorizados, depremido/a; se fores menor; em combinação com outros estimulantes ou alcool. Não excedas a dose recomendada.
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Ich habe es auf unserem Mädels abend probiert, 5 Weiber und ich hab schon lange nicht mehr sooo gelacht, auch die Wellen im Teppich und andere Optiks waren suuuper. Danke!!!!!!!!


another nice shroom from the shayana shop,think this one was made from different strains done from the shop itself?? not 100% sure but i heard it from the grapevine,anyway apart from the giant mushys on here which are my favourite,,these was a surprise,pleasent euphoria and visuals but good to take with your partner.highly recommend these :) shroomtastic


This shit is like nothing I've ever had! Well worth it, you'll have to eat about 5g to feel the full effects!