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Natrium Smooth

Um limpador mais delicado para o teu bong. Esta nova fórmula de Natrium ainda oferece todo o poder de limpeza energética que estas habituado da versão original, mas com um acabamento suave no teu bong. Com os seus especiais, com direitos autorais, Prótons Rosa, o teu bong vai se sentir mais firme e mais forte do que nunca. Espera para ver os resultados nos primeiros cinco minutos, a experiência de limpeza termina em cerca de 1-2 horas.

Depois de teres processado esta nova formula o teu bong nunca mais vai ser o mesmo.


Bong stimulation, euphoric cleaning


50 mg
100 mg
150 mg


1-2 hours


Ethylphenidate (400mg)


Não destinado ao consumo humano.
Não enviamos este produto para os seguintes países:
Denmark , Sweden , Switzerland

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So..i was expecting a one hour effect, i doubled the dose, started around midnight, at 7 i was still awake.
i talked a lot, and very fast, had a lot of hugs, and remained clear.
cheap and effective.


Ordered on Wednesday and arrived on Saturday morning UK. First time I've tried this as I usually just buy the truffles but I thought I'd give this a try and I'm very impressed..... My bong is well and truly cleaned and I will be ordering again... Thanks guys!!!


Very fun, very clean, very SMOOTH. almost too smooth. but the reg natrium burn a hold through my nose. Does not clean well when exposed to heat, tastes worst that burning real-real. Think twice about your cleaning and stay safe.


Yes you'll be very surprised at this cleanser it polishes gleams without the burning sensation the original can cause , A true Lionel Richie Job, ALL NIGHT LONG& day long lasting not for the faint hearted expect the unexpected it's a true Dutch Gem one that gets a 10 out of 10 does exactly what you'd longed for & no nasty odours after leaving no bitter after math like the expensive well known ones , very good products very good service & after care is top Notch can't fault the whole out fit x 😀


Be careful, the fine texture goes deep into the Bong, draw only lightly. Effect is great though, 2 hours experience!
Less focused than her sister Rita, but active enough to do stuff fast and motivated.